Privacy Policy

PRIVACY INFORMATION: informs that the data collected by the same will be treated according to the principles of correctness, lawfulness and transparency and protecting your privacy and your rights. The treatment will be carried out as follows:

1) Collection and purpose of processing:
The collection and processing of data are carried out by Recagest s.r.l. Via Antonia Pozzi, 3 – 20149 Milan C.F. – P.I. 08094710962 – exclusively to provide the requested information.

2) Processing methods – Distributors

The processing of data for the aforementioned purposes will take place with the aid of IT tools, in compliance with the rules of confidentiality and security required by law. The data may be processed, on behalf of Recagest s.r.l., by persons in charge of managing customers / suppliers or persons in charge of maintenance of the information system. The person in charge of personal data will be Deanna Droghetti

3) Purpose of the collected data

The collected data will be used to provide the requested services, both of an informative nature and of the provision of ancillary services.
The data collected as a request for information through the form will be used exclusively to provide the requested service or answer the questions asked by the user.
In the event that consent is given for continuous updates regarding the activity of the website, the data may be uploaded to third-party databases to provide the newsletter service. If the portal collects this data, this will be indicated as acknowledged by means of an approval tool with confirmation flag. In no case, without explicit confirmation of approval of registration to a specific service, the user will be registered without his express will (eg the information collected by request via contact form can not be used to send newsletters, will need a consent separate and explicit).
For e-commerce services, the portal may eventually use the user’s browsing data to customize the proposal according to the preferences expressed by the user before. These data will not be communicated in any way to third parties and will only serve to improve the user experience.

4) Provision of data

The user is free to provide personal data contained in the request form. Failure to provide such data implies the impossibility of obtaining what is required to provide the services that the user wishes to request.

5) Data communication

No data deriving from the web service is communicated or disclosed to third parties. In the event that you subscribe to newsletter or continuous communication services from, the platform used for this purpose will be communicated in an update of this document. This platform will be chosen because it complies with the European GDPR regulations. The data collected on this third-party service are guaranteed by high security standards and will be used by for the improvement of the service and the offer that the customer has freely subscribed. At any time the end user can request a copy and / or cancellation of their data collected through this service by writing to Recagest S.R.L. . In no case Recagest s.r.l. will provide this information to third parties for information, market analysis, advertising or for other purposes.

6) Data retention security

The data on the website are stored on platforms and meet high security standards with the installation of the ssl certificate on the domain. The SSL certificate identifies itself and the server, with the browser that is browsing the site, establishing that it is a valid certificate and that the server can be considered reliable. At this point the data exchanging the server and the browser are encrypted, no longer legible.
All that is collected is anonymous data that are used to offer the user a better browsing service. This anonymous data is also used through Google Analytics to verify the trend of the offer of the proposed services. In no case will this anonymous data be shared with third parties.
In case of subscription to continuous services (such as newsletters), the data will be stored through third-party services chosen in compliance with the GDPR regulations. The user will have the opportunity to view the regulation of these services by going to the portal of the third-party service indicated in this document. In case of change of data processing the user will be notified by (if the above data have not already been deleted) and will have the right to request cancellation of the service and related data collected .
In case of registration with the username and password, the data collected for registration will be stored securely at the platform and will not be disclosed to third parties.
For services such as e-commerce and booking service the data communicated to will be stored securely, the payment methods provide for the gateway where no sensitive payment data is communicated to www.residence-san-; at only the confirmation of payment by the platform of the external certified circuit will be communicated, where the user will be sent at the time of payment.

7) Duration of data retention

For services directly connected to navigation, given the anonymous nature of the same, there is no automatic cancellation. The user can in any case request, according to regulations, the verification and the cancellation of his / her own data present at the server of the site by writing to the address The user must provide indications to be able to trace their data to request a copy or cancellation to avoid obtaining data from other users.
For the services of provision of continuous services (such as newsletters) you can request at any time a copy of the collected data and / or the cancellation of the same.
For information request services, such as filling out the forms, they will be kept for the period necessary for the provision of the requested service. When necessary, they can be kept in order to maintain contact with the user in case of further requests and to answer in a comprehensive manner, given the history of previous requests. At any time the user can request a copy of the collected data and / or their cancellation by writing to
Regarding both the registration to the portal and the e-commerce services (if the platform provided for them), the retention period is subject to the user’s permanence on the portal and the data are kept exclusively to be able to use the services offered to users and allow through portal to make purchases.
At any time the user can request a copy of the collected data and / or their cancellation by writing to In the case of registration services (newsletter, reserved area of ​​the site, e-commerce) the user will have the possibility to cancel the service at any time via the portal (or by e-mail received in the case of a newsletter).
8) Rights of the interested party

Recagest s.r.l. undertakes, as of now, to communicate to the guarantor, according to the GDPR regulations and to the user, in case of breach of security systems and loss of sensitive data concerning users, and to indicate all the procedures put in place to resolve the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

9) Holder and manager of the treatment

The data controller is Recagest s.r.l. in the person of Deanna Droghetti